IF Väster P15

Registration number: 201850
Registrator: Lotta Malm Log in
Primary shirt color: Orange
Leader: Johan Zettergren
Anders Eliasson
Ronnie Tenggren
In addition to IF Väster, 44 other teams played in Pojkar 15. They were divided into 11 different groups, whereof IF Väster could be found in Group 4 together with Örsundsbro IF, Eskilsminne IF, Skreia/Kolbu-KK and Klippans Förenade FF.

IF Väster continued to Slutspel D after reaching 4:th place in Group 4. In the playoff they made it to Semi final, but lost it against Braås GOIF with 0-3. In the Final, Groheds IF/Ljungskile SK won over Braås GOIF and became the winner of Slutspel D in Pojkar 15.

7 games played


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