Bollebygds IF

Bollebygds IF was one of 270 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Eskilscupen 2019. Two teams played until in Finalspel; Flickor 12 BLÅ and Flickor 12 VIT .

Bollebygds comes from Bollebygd which lies approximately 180 km from Helsingborg, where Eskilscupen takes place. The area around Bollebygd does also provide 43 additional clubs participating during Eskilscupen 2019 (Among others: Kållered SK, Solängens BK, Askims IK, Annebergs IF, IFK Örby, Kinna IF, Landvetter IF 2003, Gerdskens BK, Alingsås KIK and Jitex Mölndal BK).

18 games played


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